Cameroon is a country on the African continent. 70% are Christians and 24% are Muslims. There are many ethnically diverse communities in this state. No one is the majority. French and English, including other languages, are the main languages in state official affairs. It covers an area of 4,75,442 sq km and has a population of about 2,65,45,000.

There is no interesting aspect to be mentioned in the whole constitution. Besides, there is no evil side.


Constitution of Cameroon


Admirable Articles of Cameroon's Constitution

Article 39

The judicial bench shall give final rulings on:

● appeals accepted by law against final rulings given by the various courts and tribunals of the judicial system;

● judgments passed by the lower courts of the judicial system that have become final in cases where the application of the law is challenged;

● all matters expressly devolving upon it by law.