Azerbaijan is a former Soviet state. It borders Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and Iran. About 98% are Muslims.

There is freedom of trade, also there is a constitutional obligation to stop monopoly and unfair competition. Land ownership is not unlimited. When the child is 18 years old or upwards, he or she is obliged to take care of his parents.

The president is directly elected by the people for 7 years. The term is too long for a small size country. The state language is Azerbaijani. Note that, it is not an official language.

Constitution of Azerbaijan


Admirable Articles of Azerbaijan’s Constitution

Article 6. Banning of Power Usurpation

I. No part of the Azerbaijan people, either an  individual, or a social group or an organization has the right to usurp  the authority of the Azerbaijan people to exercise the power.

II. Power usurpation is the most serious crime directed against the people. 

Article 15. Economic Development and the State

II. The Azerbaijan State creates conditions for the  development of a socially oriented economy, guarantees free enterprise  and prevents monopolies and unfair competition in economic relations.

Article 26. Protection of Human rights and civil liberties

I. Everyone is authorized to defend his or her human rights and freedoms by accepted means.

Article 27. Right to Life

I. Everyone has the right to life.

II. Every citizen’s right to life is inviolable with  the exception of cases when as a result of the armed attack, an enemy  soldier is killed, capital punishment is executed according to the  court’s decision and other cases specified by law.

III. Capital punishment as an extreme measure of  punishment is still in force and can be applied to an individual for  committing a grave crime against the State and different persons.

IV. Except in case of necessary defense, dire  necessity, apprehension and detention of a criminal, prevention of an  escape by a prisoner, prevention of a revolt or coup against the State,  an armed attack against the country, the use of a weapon against a human  is not permitted.

Article 29. Right to Property

VI. Land ownership may be restricted by law due to social justice and for efficient use of the land.

Article 34. Right to Marriage

I. Everybody has the right to marriage upon reaching the age specified by law.

II. Marriage is contracted on the basis of voluntary consent. No one shall be forced to marry.

III. Family and marriage are under the protection of  the State. Mothers, fathers and children shall be protected by law. The  State renders assistance to large families.

IV. The rights of husband and wife are equal. The care and raising of children is the right and obligation of both parents.

V. Children have the obligation to take care of  their parents. Able-bodied children upon reaching the age of 18 have the  duty to support their invalid parents.