Antigua and Barbuda is a Caribbean island country. With just 440 square kilometers, the state has a population of less than 100,000. Queen of Britain is the head of state in Antigua and Barbuda.

What I realized after reading the constitutions of each of the Caribbean islands is that each constitution is a copy-paste of one another. Second, the constitution was not drafted by any constitutional law specialist. The constitution was drafted by someone who had long been employed as a lawyer for the accused as a criminal. There is nothing interesting in the entire constitution. Politically immature.

Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda


Admirable Articles of Antigua and Barbuda’s Constitution

Article 2. Constitution is supreme law

This Constitution is the supreme law of Antigua and Barbuda and,  subject to the provisions of this Constitution, if any other laws is  inconsistent with this Constitution, this Constitution shall prevail and  the other law shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be void.


Article 6. Protection from slavery and forced labour

1. No person shall be held in slavery or servitude.

2. No person shall be required to perform forced labour.

3. For the purposes of this section, the expression “forced labour” does not include-

  1. any labour required in consequence of the sentence or order of a court;
  2. any  labour required of any person while he is lawfully detained that,  though not required in consequence of the sentence or order of a court,  is reasonably necessary in the interests of hygiene or for the  maintenance of the place at which he is detained;
  3. any labour  required of a member of a disciplined force in pursuance of his duties  as such or, in the case of a person who has conscientious objections to  service as a member of a naval, military or air force, any labour that  that person is required by law to perform in place of such service;
  1. any  labour required during any period of public emergency or, in the event  of any other emergency or calamity that threatens the life and  well-being of the community, to the extent that the requiring of such  labour is reasonably justifiable in the circumstances of any situation  arising or existing during that period or as a result of that other  emergency or calamity, for the purpose of dealing with that situation.


68. Executive authority

2. Subject to the provisions of this Constitution,  the executive authority of Antigua and Barbuda may be exercised on  behalf of Her Majesty by the Governor-General either directly or through officers subordinate to him.