Albania is an European country. They do have unitary parliamentary democracy. The official language is Albanian. Muslims make up about 59%, and Christians about 16%, as well as followers of other faiths.

According to the constitution, no political party has the right to form such an aggressive structure which incites any caste, religion, regionalism. Accounts of all the expenses of the party should be made public.

If someone has a contagious disease, they can detain. 

Constitution of Albania

Admirable Articles of Albania’s Constitution

Article 9

1. Political parties are created freely. Their organization shall conform to democratic principles.

2. Political parties and other organizations, whose  programs and activity are based on totalitarian methods, that incite and  support racial, religious, regional or ethnic hatred, that use violence  to take power or influence state policies, as well as those with a  secret character, are prohibited pursuant to the law.

3. The financial sources of parties as well as their expenses are always made public. 


Article 11

1. The economic system of the Republic of Albania is  based on private and public property, as well as on a market economy  and on freedom of economic activity.

2. Private and public property are equally protected by law.

3. Limitations on the freedom of economic activity may be established only by law and for important public reasons.


Article 27

1. No can be deprived of liberty except in the cases and according to the procedures provided by law.

2. Freedom of person may not be limited, except in the following cases:

a. when punished with imprisonment by a competent court;

b. for failure to comply with the lawful orders of the court or with an obligation set by law;

c. when there are reasonable suspicions that he has committed a  criminal offense or to prevent the commission by him of a criminal  offense or his escape after its commission;

ç. for the supervision of a minor for purposes of education or for escorting him to a competent organ;

d. when a person is the carrier of a contagious disease, mentally incompetent and dangerous to society;


Article 28

1. Everyone who has been deprived of liberty has the  right to be notified immediately, in a language that he understands, of  the reasons for this measure, as well as of the charge made against  him. The person who has been deprived of liberty shall be informed that  he has no obligation to make a declaration and has the right to  communicate immediately with a lawyer, and he shall also be given the  possibility to realize his rights.

2. The person who has been deprived of liberty,  according to Article 27, paragraph 2, subparagraph c), must be sent  within 48 hours before a judge, who shall decide upon his pre-trial  detention or release not later than 48 hours from the moment he receives  the documents for review.


Article 30

Everyone is considered innocent as long as his guilt is not proven by a final judicial decision.


Article 146

2. The judicial decisions shall, under all circumstances, be announced publicly. 

Facts of Albania’s Constitution

Article 29

3. The favourable criminal law has retroactive effect.


Article 57

4. Professional high school education and higher education can be conditioned only on criteria of abilities.


Article 73

1. The deputy is not held responsible for opinions  expressed in the Assembly and votes cast by him in the exercise of the  function. This provision is not applicable in the case of defamation.